1. DEMAND ORDER: Once a demand order is issued, our agency assigns the Engineer/Technical personnel from the same field to better understand the requirements at the project site. It helps the engineer/technical personnel to form a job description of the individual requirements and select better quality candidates for our clients.

2. PRE-SCREENING: We accumulate CVs through databases, job portals, and advertising for our clients. Our selection team of Engineers/ Technical personnel scrutinizes the CVs of job aspirants from the data bank, job portals, and advertising. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their CVs and called for an interview with our technical personnel. a. In case of CV selection: The short-listed candidates' CVs are forwarded to our clients with their relevant documents for their review and if need to be, a telephonic or Skype interview is arranged for our clients.

3. TRADE TEST: ADS has its own trade test facilities where candidates are pre-screened for client interviews. Our trade centers are equipped covering 6000 sq. feet with state-of-the-art construction systems and processes that are used in the Middle East. Apart from New Delhi, we have Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, Kolkata, Chennai &Vizag for the workers & staff categories. Each candidate is tested in his respective discipline and the selected ones conform to the stringent standard set by the department. This ensures that the employer gets the right man for the right job.

4. CLIENT INTERVIEW: Once the shortlisting is finished the recruiters are welcomed at our trade test for the candidate interview. We only present the shortlisted candidates to recruiters to guarantee a high selection rate. We guarantee our trade test center has all the expected materials to effectively test the candidates in their job exchanges.

5. SELECTION LIST: After the interview, we forward the list of selected candidates along with their respective interview evaluation sheets to clients for their reference and final approval.

6. MEDICAL CHECK-UP: Once the final selection list is received, the shortlisted candidates are informed of their selection and asked to report for their medical test. Each selected person has to undergo for medical check-up at the GCC Panel Doctor.

7. DOCUMENTS FOR VISA PROCESSING: We send visa documents (passport copy and photograph and medical Fitness report) of selected candidates to the recruiters for visa processing.

8. VISA ENDORSEMENT: The employer sends the block visas of the selected medically fit candidates for endorsement at the respective embassies. After confirmation with the embassy, the passports of medically fit candidates are submitted.

9. INSURANCE (PERSONAL ACCIDENT POLICY): Each hired person shall be insured for the personal accident for Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees ten lakhs only) under Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yogna, introduced by the Government of India and ADS pay its premium. The policy will be renewed every year upon hearing from the recruiters of those candidates whose employment term renews after one year.

10. EMIGRATION: We shall submit the ECR category passports with the Protector Of Emigrants, New Delhi in order to get emigration clearance for visa-stamped candidates.

11. AIR RESERVATION: After completion of all other formalities, we shall arrange air tickets for visa-stamped/issued candidates for recruitment.

12. ORIENTATION: All ready-to-travel candidates will be given orientation prior to the deployment about the VISA, immigration, air ticket, airport/customs formalities, terms & conditions of employment contract, and brief details of company/employer/recruiter.

13. MOBILIZATION PERIOD: Engineers and senior Personnel can be deployed within 15 days after completion of dispatch formalities and the remaining workforce can be deployed within 7 - 10 days time.

We hereby recap that we are in a commanding position to provide you with competent candidates to work on your project in the GULF REGION. In order to gather the required manpower, we need at least 10 days time.